Interdisciplinary Seminar on Smart & Sustainable Infrastructures

/Interdisciplinary Seminar on Smart & Sustainable Infrastructures
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In the context of a smart city, having smart and sustainable infrastructures is unavoidable. In order to achieve smartness in an infrastructure, a multidisciplinary effort is needed. A monitored infrastructure has the capability to behave smartly, to communicate effectively. It should be able to ‘see’ the environmental conditions, to ‘sense’ the ground vibrations, to ‘hear’ the internal cracking noises, and to ‘smell’ the smoke from a fire. It should be intelligent enough to collect, process, and analyze data, like a Neural Network, in order to make smart decisions on how to warn its occupants, early enough, for a safe and efficient evacuation during a life-threatening event. A smart and sustainable infrastructure should also be able to learn, through Artificial Intelligence, and to effectively and efficiently communicate with its co-existing structures in a smart setting, using the Internet of Infrastructures. In a smart city, infrastructures are built using Smart and Multi-Functional Materials, and are fully instrumented using Smart Sensing Technologies, equipped with the highest levels of Structural Health Monitoring systems; this is a necessity for achieving a Multi-Hazard Early Warning System in a smart and sustainable city. This workshop aims to bring the top experts from all around the world together for a series of talks followed by an interactive workshop. This event aims to create a strong ground for future research collaborations and industrial innovations in the field, through a joint multidisciplinary international effort.

Workshop Themes
The workshop consists of seven distinct themes, run in two main sessions: (1) Theme Specific Technical Presentations and (2) Round Table Focus Group Discussions. Each keynote speaker will deliver a 20-minute talk on one of the following themes:

Theme 1 – Early Warning Systems (EWS)
Theme 2 – Structural Health Monitoring (SHM)
Theme 3 – Water Quality Sensing & Monitoring
Theme 4 – Smart & Multifunctional Materials
Theme 5 – Intelligent Sensing Technologies (IST)
Theme 6 – Tsunami, Flood, Fire, and Impact
Theme 7 – Internet of Infrastructures (IOI)

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