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A community designed to be ‘Smart’ will only realize its true potential if the sum of its efforts help it become more competitive; creating a place people will choose to call home, find work opportunities and play.

As we turn our focus to building our capacity and capabilities to become a Smart Community, we know we need to address key issues including budgetary models, planning for inclusivity of diversity, evaluating the real potential for Smart technologies. How can we ensure our investments – financial, collaborative efforts and time – pay off?

This is a challenge for all of us: cities, planners, builders, technology providers. For our communities of tomorrow to thrive, we have an acute responsibility to think creatively about how we apply technology to improve our productivity and contribute to our long-term visions.

The Smart Communities Roadshow will focus on how key actors create clear strategies that align with the collaborative efforts of their stakeholders. Technologies that support smarter and safer  environments will also come to the fore at the summit, with a broad range of smart insights and innovations on show centered on making cities more resilient and liveable places to be.

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