Mapping our Smart Cities Challenge

//Mapping our Smart Cities Challenge
Mapping our Smart Cities Challenge2019-02-12T10:40:24+00:00

Map of Smart Technology in Richmond

Map of Smart Technology in Richmond


This map of Richmond shows our plan for integrating smart technology in various locations around the city. Click to view a full screen version of the map. The legend below corresponds to the map icons.


Digital Bus Shelter Rain Gauge Sensor
Public Wi-Fi River Level Sensor
Digital Way-Finding Kiosk Road Sensor
Public Bike Share Smart Traffic Camera
Smart Street Light Ministry of Transportation & Infrastructure (MOTI) Highway Camera
Truck Fast Charger Emergency Management BC (EMBC) Seismic Sensor
Bus Fast Charger Ocean Networks Seismic Sensor
Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Station Prioritized Post-Earthquake Response (PPR) Seismic Sensor


What’s your favourite Smart Technology?

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