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Our Proposal

The City of Richmond has developed a transformative and ground-breaking proposal for the Smart Cities Challenge. It will minimize community impacts from major disasters, while also enhancing our quality of life in day-to-day activities.

Working together with other levels of government and the private and academic sectors, we will integrate our mutual technology and data to protect our island city against the impacts of climate change. We will enhance mobility of people and goods, enable more informed decision making for both everyday situations and emergency response, integrate communications and strengthen community resilience.

Our proposal builds upon the City’s award-winning best practices in flood protection, sustainability and emergency response. It draws upon Richmond’s record of excellence, a corporate culture built on innovation and a track record of honouring the commitments we make, like delivering the premier venue of the 2010 Olympic Games on time and on budget.

Implementing our Smart Cities vision will further transform Richmond. It will secure our future as a dynamic, informed community, made more resilient by using digital technology to bring the best of our City’s resources together.

Our engagement during the Finalist Phase has already resulted in private sector innovation and investment to help test our Smart Cities solutions. This includes an exciting collaboration with MDA Corporation under the Federal Innovation Superclusters Initiative program, that has also attracted local and international businesses, and provincial government support. As we expand our focus of how we collaborate, we know this is only the beginning of many more partnerships.

Our Smart Cities journey has important lessons learned that are replicable and will benefit all cities, communities, and people across Canada.

View Our Final Proposal for the Smart Cities Challenge

Our proposal can be simply expressed through a four-word alliterative process:
Collect, Connect, Crunch, Communicate.

Collect - Connect - Crunch - Communicate


Data will be collected from a comprehensive array of City and partner sensors across the city and shared through integrated communication networks. Through physical and virtual participation in an Intelligent Operations Hub, the City and partner agencies will quickly analyze collected information and use it to make timely and effective decisions that guide day-to-day service delivery and response to emergencies.

A comprehensive digital delivery network coordinated from the Hub will power an ever expanding suite of on-demand e-services for residents and business. Emergency notifications and general community information in multiple languages will be delivered directly to the public wherever they are via their home computers or smart devices and digital information screens throughout the public domain.

Challenge Statement

Richmond, an island city with a rapidly growing and diverse population and home of nationally significant infrastructure and government services, requires resilient physical and virtual platforms that are integrated seamlessly across all levels of government to enhance quality of life in day-to-day activities and minimize community impacts from major disasters.

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