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Richmond is embracing the Smart Cities Challenge to use data and connected technology to empower citizens and stakeholders and to bring together non- traditional partners to develop innovative tools and collaborative approaches to deliver on our Challenge Statement.

To achieve our vision, we’re building on an existing foundation of smart city projects, leveraging strong partnerships with different levels of government and emergency response stakeholders and exploring innovative data driven and technology-enabled solutions and new partnerships to contribute to the following outcomes:

Richmond is approximately 1 m above sea level, protected from the Strait of Georgia and the Fraser River by 43 km of dikes and 39 drainage pump stations. Located in the Fraser River estuary, the City is on the forefront of investment in flood mitigation, storm surge planning, maintenance and upgrades to reduce risk. It is imperative that the City continuously upgrade infrastructure to meet the effects of climate change.

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Richmond has a tradition of robust community engagement.Technology will amplify opportunities to connect our community withlocal government and all governments and stakeholders to connectwith each other. We will provide the needed information to our diversecommunity to enable customized emergency plans and ensure we are meeting the community needs.

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Over 65% of the population of Richmond is from Asia Pacific countries. Nearly one third of Richmond residents do not speak English or French as their first language. The City attracts many thousands more from the Pacific Northwest to shop in the Asian focused business district. Staff currently use computer applications to interpret when communication is difficult, due to language, but a comprehensive strategy is required.

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Moving people and goods across our City is a priority for economic viability and community safety. Richmond will focus on infrastructure, platforms and technologies to accommodate a dramatic shift in how we move through the city.

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