Integrate Communications and Enhance Community Resilience

//Integrate Communications and Enhance Community Resilience
Integrate Communications and Enhance Community Resilience2019-03-30T08:24:33+00:00

Richmond is a vibrant, diverse, cosmopolitan city. Over 74% of the population of Richmond is from Asia Pacific countries and 54% of the population speak a language other than English most often at home.

Currently, each level of government and stakeholder has their own emergency response protocols and warning systems.

Technology used in innovative ways promises opportunities to communicate in real-time with residents,  businesses, stakeholders, and partner organizations, both in day to day operations and in emergency evacuation situations.

Engagement through the Smart Cities Challenge process has also highlighted the need for inclusive solutions to connect with community members who may not have access to technology, who may not be technically literate or who may have communication barriers.

Our Smart Cities Challenge proposal builds on existing investments in technology that are already being implemented as part of Richmond’s Digital Strategy and explores opportunities to integrate multiple systems:
  • Expand MyRichmond customized web platform

  • Enhance communication to the public

  • Integrate communications with stakeholders and partners

    • Test Case: Develop Intelligent Operational Digital Platform of Existing Sensor Performance
  • Develop communication tools to more effectively connect with Richmond’s diverse population

How would you prefer to be kept informed during emergencies?

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