Integrate Emergency Communication Platforms

//Integrate Emergency Communication Platforms
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Integrate citizen, infrastructure and emergency data and communication platforms

Richmond is a major international transportation and distribution hub, home to Vancouver International Airport, deep sea port facilities, major rail and highway links and the Canada Line, and is only a short drive from the US border.

Currently, each level of government and stakeholder has their own emergency response protocols and warning systems. For example, the Federal Government has an early warning system offshore in the Pacific, the Province is testing an early warning text message system, and stakeholders have no uninterrupted access to early warning systems.

Our Smart Cities Challenge proposal builds on existing investments in technology that are already being implemented as part of Richmond’s Digital Strategy and explores opportunities to integrate multiple systems.

Proposed smart city approaches to integrate citizen, infrastructure and emergency data and communication platforms:
  • Implement a Digital Nervous Ecosystem (DNE) to integrate processes and data across multiple IT systems

  • Create an Intelligent Operations HUB – virtual and physical

  • Implement additional phases of the MyRichmond personalized engagement platform

  • Add resilient power to assets to function for at least 72 hours

  • Develop way-finding solutions for everyday and emergency use

  • Improve social resilience

How would you prefer to be kept informed during emergencies?

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