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Richmond will continue to address the increasing demands of climate change including extreme weather events, flooding and spills, as it relates to the safety of our island and the change in modes of mobility to decrease greenhouse gas emissions. The work plan and deliverables build on Richmond’s ongoing best practice in combatting climate change.

Key activities to be undertaken over the next five years to contribute to this outcome include:
  • Creating an Integrated Intelligent Operations Hub

  • Installing emergency power for key assets for 72 hours

  • Transitioning to electric modes of transportation

  • Collaborating with other levels of government on aligned programs, including:

    • Early Warning System Notification – Emergency Management BC
    • Prioritized Post-Earthquake Response (PPR) – Emergency Management BC
    • Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) – Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (“MOTI”)
    • Strong Motion (SM) – Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure

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