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Richmond is a city surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and the Fraser River

No other similarly-sized local community on the West Coast is wholly contained within the floodplain of a major river, below historic high-water levels, subject to freshet and tidal flood events, and internal drainage challenges.

Richmond invests $11.6 million annually to protect the island. The City is on the forefront of investment in flood mitigation, storm surge planning, and maintenance and upgrades to reduce risk. The City’s flood protection system serves approximately 350,000 people (residents, workforce and travellers), extensive fixed assets, and infrastructure supporting economic activity, including significant logistics and trade facilities located on Port of Vancouver lands, Vancouver International Airport and major regional highways.

Richmond continuously improves its level of preparation for a state of emergency and potential natural disasters. Many of the technologies however are systems which address specific infrastructure (such as dikes and pump station monitoring, public electric vehicle charging stations, etc.) Richmond’s Smart Cities Challenge proposal aims to integrate these systems. This will improve decision-making for Richmond, key stakeholders and government organizations to allow for more effective responses and public communication on a day-to-day basis as well as during an emergency.

Proposed smart city approaches to
protect our island city:

  • Implement machine learning algorithms for real time day to day traffic management and disaster mitigation

  • Create Smart Streets through connected sensors and Wi-Fi

  • Detect emergency incidents and assess damage

  • Develop an integrated alert system to decrease loss of life

  • Improve emergency response and informed decision making of all partners

What natural disaster do you think Richmond should focus on when it comes to using technology for disaster mitigation?

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