Smart Cities Ideas Fair

2019-04-17T12:05:55+00:00January 17, 2019|

As promised, innovation took centre stage at the Richmond Smart Cities Ideas Fair on Thursday, January 17. Co-hosted by the City of Richmond and Kwantlen Polytechnic University (KPU), the Smart Cities Ideas Fair featured a variety of displays and demonstrations giving visitors a view into some of the exciting advances being made right here in Richmond.

A number of City departments shared information about projects that are foundational to our Smart Cities Challenge proposal, including the MyRichmond personalized web portal, smart traffic sensors and Richmond’s Emergency Notification system. MDA, a local tech company and member of our Smart Cities Challenge Advisory Committee, wowed visitors with some of the work they are doing with satellite imaging and detection of changes in geological features to help first responders assess damage after a disaster, such as a flood or oil spill. And KPU, whose faculty and students are participating in a number of projects related to our Smart Cities Challenge proposal and who is also represented on the Advisory Committee, presented a number of exciting projects that their faculty and students are working on including demonstrating the ability for computers to teach itself – a machine learning model was paired arbitrarily with an online game and it was able to master the skill without further human input.

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